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German Federal Off-Site Housing Association (Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau - BDF)

The German Federal Off-Site Housing Association (Bundesverband Deutscher Fertigbau - BDF) has existed since 1961. It is a merger of 45 industrial manufacturers of houses using off-site timber construction methods. 90 partners of this industry are also linked to the BDF as sponsoring members. The BDF sees itself on the one hand as representing the interests of industrial manufacturers of timber off-site housing, and on the other hand as a mediator between the house manufacturers, their customers and prospective builders/homeowners as well as public institutions. The objectives of the association are to promote the industry's market position and joint, industry-wide communication of the off-site construction idea in science, politics and the media.

The off-site construction industry

The member companies of the Federal Association of German Off-Site Construction achieves annual sales of around euro 1.8 billion. The industry employees around 9,000 people and is currently training 466 young people in various apprenticeship trades. Of the around 100,000 detached and semi-detached houses built in Germany each years, the off-site housing manufacturers achieve a market share of a good 15,500 houses.

All member companies of the BDF are also members of the German Off-Site Construction Quality Association (Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau). They have undertaken to fulfil construction method, material and production requirements extending far beyond the legal provisions. The association's quality label stands for top quality in timber house construction.

More information at fertigbau.de and fertighauswelt.de