Initiative Furnier + Natur e.V.

Initiative Furnier + Natur (IFN) was established in 1996 as a registered association by the German veneer industry. The IFN links the joint interests of the veneer processing industry with the objective of putting veneer back in a positive light, to increase its desirability in order to ensure increased demand in the market. The IFN is an international association, which not only has German ordinary members but also Austrian and Swiss members, as well as, at present, one member each from Slovakia, Slovenia and Estonia. The IFN also has sponsor members. Initiative Furnier + Natur does all that it can and actively engages with politicians to ensure that greater importance is once more attached to forest and wood quality in Germany.

The veneer industry

Veneer is one of the finest things that can be made from wood. In previous ages, only kings, members of the nobility and rich members of society could afford veneered furniture. Today real wood is affordable for everyone. Veneer is thin sheets or leaves of real wood, which are cut from the trunk or log by sawing, slicing or peeling. They are then bonded onto substrate materials such as particleboards or MDF panes.

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